A complete ecosystem built around the fish

Today's well boat technology is built around the fish and should ensure optimal conditions and the most gentle conservation possible. This avoids the loss of biomass and ensures good fish health and quality during movement. As a system integrator, we connect different parts of a facility and ensure gentle and efficient handling of fish — from cage to end station.

This is what you get

We build complete ecosystems

Cflow has expertise along the entire value chain for conservation of living fish in aquaculture. We see ourselves as a system integrator that binds together technology and solutions to create a well-functioning ecosystem around each individual fish. Through our own multidisciplinary teams, and in close interaction with customers and partners, we will be an advisor who accompanies you throughout the project.

Since our inception in 2002, we have worked purposefully to improve fish welfare and the fish environment. For the past ten years, we have collected data on all processes involving the conservation of live fish on board. This is information that we use to provide a better basis for calculation and further development of solutions that optimize operations in the aquaculture industry.

We need good control of the fish and the fish's environment throughout the process to catch factors that can cause stress and hence deterioration in quality and fish welfare. In an interaction between different disciplines, we build a complete ecosystem that will ensure that fish thrive, that we get efficient and predictable processes, and at the same time a high level of biosecurity.

Control throughout the process

Our systems capture factors that can inflict stress and thus deterioration in quality and fish welfare.

fisken ikke skal miste et eneste skjell.

Our systems

Cflow offers solutions, carefully adapted to meet the requirements of our customers and the authorities. Gentleness and efficient processes remain as a foundation for all our deliveries. Our solutions can be integrated as part of a total delivery or implemented separately to improve existing facilities. We take individual circumstances and needs into account in order to deliver forward-looking solutions that optimize farming operations. The systems we offer include, among other things:

Engineering and Project Execution

Benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge within “fish tech” solutions. We are able to help you with the planning, the pre-engineering fase, and all the way through the implementation of your projects in aquaculture.

C-Evolution – Control Management and Data Processing

Our proprietary process management system, C-Evolution, helps you monitor and control the fish's environment and growth, as well as log all parameters in order to reuse them for future processes.

Biology Expertise

Our biologists are actively involved in every phase of a project to ensure that the solutions meet the requirements.

Gentle Fish Handling and Fish Logistics

Complete solutions for gentle and efficient conservation of live fish.

Biosecurity, Washing and Disinfection

Advanced systems for washing and disinfection ensuring the health and biosecurity of the aquatic environment.

Complete Water Treatment Systems

Featurig well-developed sensors for precise monitoring and management of the water environment, encompassing: ‍ · Oxygenation · Ozonation treatment · Aeration · Mechanical filter ‍ ‍ The system is adaptable to various setups, including open, closed and semi-closed circulation.

Grading, Weighing and Counting

The latest in technology for efficient grading, weighing and counting.

Light and Camera System

Integrated systems for optimal lighting and visual monitoring in breeding facilities.

Sensor System

Continuous monitoring of various environmental parameters to ensure optimal water quality.

At Cflow, we are committed to delivering reliable solutions that strengthen the farming industry. With gentleness, efficiency and tailored approaches, we help you solve the challenges in farming operations.

Gentle handling

Our well boat technology is built around the fish, to create optimal conditions, and ensure the most gentle handling possible.

Work methodology

In every project, Cflow ensures that the overall system delivery provides efficient and predictable processes. We leverage data-driven insights concerning the well-being of the fish at every stage, crafting solutions that prioritize optimal fish welfare and minimize quality deterioration. A close collaboration with our customers, entrepreneurs, end-users, and other suppliers, alongside a diverse array of internal resources from various fields, ensures the development of the most effective solutions - for the well-being of the fish, the satisfaction of stakeholders, and the preservation of the environment.

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