Frøy and Cflow continue collaboration with new wellboat contract

Cflow has entered into a contract with Sefine Shipyard for Frøy's latest addition; a 4,500 m3 wellboat. The contract involves a complete system for live fish handling and water treatment. Cflow has previously delivered system solutions for several wellboats for the shipping company, including the latest 7,500 cubic meter vessel, Gåsø Høvding, and the planned newbuild's sister ship, Gåsø Odin.

Cflow has entered a contract with Sefine Shipyard for Frøy's latest addition; a 4,500 m3 wellboat


Automated Processes

Cflow's delivery to the new wellboat includes the latest technology in process automation and data collection.

Tom Christian Dahl, Project Manager for Digitalization at Cflow, elaborates:"Traditional fish handling improves, becomes safer, and more efficient by adopting new technology. Cflow has developed data collection and analysis systems over a long period to provide increased insight into the processes. This is to ensure that operators have control over the well-being of the fish. Automating elementary parts of the operations also ensures increased quality and reliability."

Long and Developing Partnership

Cflow has had a collaboration with Frøy over a decade, and Stig Bjørkedal, CEO of Cflow, describes the partnership as highly rewarding. "Frøy has been an important partner for us in the development of our systems. They possess invaluable expertise in gentle and efficient wellboat operations, and several of our solutions have arisen from needs they have identified. Frøy and Cflow both prioritize professionally solid solutions that contribute to improving fish health, and we find that it provides a solid foundation for the collaboration," says Bjørkedal.

Frøy's CEO, Tonje Foss, also looks forward to a new collaboration."For Frøy, it is essential that we have gentle, predictable, and environmentally friendly operations. We continuously work to optimize the processes on our vessels. A close collaboration with long-term partners, such as Cflow, allows us to make adjustments as needs arise," says Foss.

"It means a lot to us that Frøy, even with a new organization, shows trust in us by entering into another newbuild contract. We have had a good collaboration with both Sefine Shipyard, designer Møre Maritime, and Frøy. All conditions for this to be a success are in place," concludes Bjørkedal.

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