Our operations in Chile

At our branch office in Chile, customer operations in Chile and Peru are handled with the support of our Norwegian head office. We take care of service functions closely to the customer and our sales department assists you with planning new projects

Our operations in Chile

Proximity to the market

Cflow has had ongoing activities in Chile since 2002 and permanent presence since 2004.

From our branch office in Chile, we provide assistance both for fisheries, well boating and other aquaculture. Our technology solutions are rooted in Norwegian innovation and our focus on good fish health and biology, while being adapted to the Chilean regulations and environmental requirements.

The proximity to the market gives you a partner who is close to developments and up to date on the current requirements and needs in this geographical catchment area.

High fish welfare

We ensure gentle handling of the fish, predictable processes and complete biosecurity.

fisken ikke skal miste et eneste skjell.

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