The world's largest well boat — a prestigious project

When such a large and prestigious project comes to an end, there are many emotions: relief at being at the finish line, joy and pride, but also a hint of sadness at the end of an important and educational project. Most of all, however, is the feeling of anticipation when this vessel is now going into operation.

The boat is packed with the latest in fish handling technology


Cflow's largest and most advanced delivery ever

The end result is one of the world's most advanced wellboats. The boat is packed with the latest in fish handling technology, including pressure sorting with removal of cleaning fish, fresh water treatment with reuse, 12-line hydrolicer dewatering system and automatic pipe and tank washing system. With its three well compartments totaling 7,500 m3, and a cargo capacity of 1000 tons per hour, this will be a highly efficient operational vessel.

The list of standards and quality in this project has been set higher than ever before, which has required a lot of expertise and great effort from several teams. Several thousand hours of work have gone along to the automation part alone. This is clearly cFlow's largest and most advanced delivery ever.

An important asset for the industry going forward

High efficiency, on the other hand, should not be at the expense of fish welfare, on the contrary. Operations can be carried out faster and the fish are thus exposed to less stress. The whole boat is developed with the fish in mind, which means that the end result is a tool that is one hundred percent adapted to the job it is supposed to do.

The biologist responsible for the project, Maiken Svinøy, says:

Gåsø Høvding has been an incredibly exciting project to participate in, and it has been rewarding to work with a player who is at least as committed to fish welfare and hygiene as Cflow. We have had many good processes, especially in the field of optimizing the system precisely with regard to fish welfare and hygiene. I am really looking forward to seeing the ideas from the drawing board realised in a vessel that is now being put into operation. I am convinced that Høvding will be an important asset in the industry in the future.

Great willingness to work at every stage

The cooperation between the different parties has been impeccable, with many wise heads contributing their knowledge to the project. High professional competence and willingness to stand have been consistent and have meant a lot to the result. Project Manager Thomas Storhaug would particularly like to point out the dedication to Frøy:

“Frøy has asked many good and necessary questions, they have established high standards throughout the process, and they have made the right choices for the result to be at the level it has become.”

Thanks for the trust

Project Manager Thomas Storhaug is looking forward to seeing the well boat in operation: - It will be especially exciting to get feedback and figures showing what Høvding manages to achieve when it comes to transportation, fish handling and fishing welfare.

Cflow would like to thank Frøy and Sefine Shipyard for their cooperation and for their trust. It has been a great pleasure to work with you on this project. Together we have lifted the well boat industry into the future.

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