Take care of the catch as if it were untouched

We understand the value of energy-efficient and smart solutions for handling fish on board. With our automated solutions, you can handle large volumes in a gentle way, where the fish maintains its natural quality and the operation is safe and efficient.

This is what you get

Practical and effective solutions to challenging tasks

Cflow's solutions for fisheries are adapted to harsh environments at sea. Our fish handling system makes everyday life as an operator easier and more clear.

We draw, design and develop products and customize arrangements. With thoughtful design and arrangement, in close cooperation with you as a customer, you get practical and effective solutions to challenging tasks. Own staff in design and construction means that we are flexible and ready to make changes as new technologies and new solutions are developed.

We also provide monitoring and control systems that contribute to decision support and more efficient operations where fish quality is maintained.

Our systems

Cflow delivers tailor-made solutions that meet the demanding needs of the fisheries sector, where operational hours and the influence of external factors are crucial. Our solutions are designed to withstand extreme conditions and can be integrated as part of a total delivery or implemented separately to enhance existing facilities. In all projects, our focus is on gentle handling of the fish, and a consistently clean and streamlined design. Specific systems we offer for the fisheries sector include:

C-Evolution – Control Management and data processing

Our proprietary process management system, C-Evolution, helps you monitor and control the fish's environment on board, as well as log all parameters for detailed documentation.

Fish Pumps and Vacuum System

Specialized fish pumps for gentle and efficient handling of fish during the processes.

Water Separator Solutions

Efficient water separator solutions to ensure high fish quality and optimize production processes, including: ‍ ‍ · Standard Water Separator · Water Separator for Unloading · Water Separator with Grading · Fish Distribution

Cflow Fishboost System

Cflow's proprietary solution ensuring reduced and balanced pressure during fish loading by injecting the right amount of water into the loading process.

RSW and Ballast

Systems for Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) and ballast control to maintain the correct temperature and stability during fish catch and transportation.

Quantity and Flow Measurement

Accurate measurement systems to monitor the quantity and flow of fish.

Ozone and Oxygenation

Advanced systems for ozone treatment and oxygenation to ensure optimal water quality and fish welfare.

Reverse Osmosis

Technology for desalting seawater for efficient freshwater production, including prefiltration.

Automated Tank Wash System

Advanced and automated systems for cleaning and disinfection.

Live Fish Handling

Gentle solutions for handling live fish, from capture to production.

Production Lines

Efficient production lines that optimize the processes from capture to finished product.

Hoses and Fittings

High-quality hoses and fittings for reliable connection and transport of water or other necessary substances. Cflow's own hydraulic quick coupling ensures easier connection, reducing pump resistance and improving fish quality.

Lighting and Camera System

Integrated systems for optimal lighting and visual monitoring of onboard processes.

At Cflow, we understand the importance of robust and reliable solutions in the fisheries sector that ensure efficient operations. With a focus on tailor-made approaches, we help you achieve optimal performance in your operations.

With our automated solutions, you can handle large volumes in a gentle way, where fish maintain their quality whilst operating safely and efficiently.

Work methodology

In every project, Cflow ensures that the overall system delivery provides efficient and predictable processes. We leverage data-driven insights concerning the well-being of the fish at every stage, crafting solutions that prioritize optimal fish welfare and minimize quality deterioration. A close collaboration with our customers, entrepreneurs, end-users, and other suppliers, alongside a diverse array of internal resources from various fields, ensures the development of the most effective solutions - for the well-being of the fish, the satisfaction of stakeholders, and the preservation of the environment.

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