Predictable Processes with C-Evolution

Our control system, C-Evolution, provides complete overview of your operations by leveraging sensor mapping and monitoring of the entire production line.

Our control system, C-evolution, provides a complete overview of your operations.


Decision support, risk reduction and quality control

The system collects comprehensive data and delivers decision support on an easy-to-use interface.

This provides not only risk reduction, but also quality control in line with the premises of nature. This is how technology and nature come together at their best. Why change something that already works?

An integrated platform to develop deep understanding in fish farming.

C-Evolution is built on experiences gained through years of development within the aquaculture industry. We are now at a crossroads, where, through data capture, surveillance and automated actions, we are able to recreate the fish's natural habitat in a land-based aquaculture facility.

By analyzing operational data, C-Evolution provides us with valuable insights, which form the basis for data-driven decision making. This allows us to understand what contributes to good ecosystems, where fish health, quality and efficient operations are central.

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