The best solution is always the next

Gunnar is one of the founders of Cflow, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, and believes the philosophy of the best possible fishing welfare is an important reason for the good development. Cflow has developed into one of the most important and exciting companies in the world when it comes to developing technology for handling live fish in the aquaculture and fisheries industries.

I think we should be proud of what we have achieved,” says Gunnar Hoff, Marketing Director at Cflow


Solutions based on fish welfare and biology

“We get to participate in exciting projects together with our customers, and develop in line with the industry. We are always looking for the best solutions based on fish welfare and biology. Our position in the market suggests that customers think we are doing a good job,” he continues.

The good development is also linked to a diverse work environment where each one has a big impact on the result, he believes.

“We have biologists and engineers, as well as a number of other disciplines, not to mention experience-based expertise from people with fast time in fisheries and aquaculture. This diversity makes us appropriately sized to develop solutions that benefit both the customer and fish health.

In Cflow, there has been a cultivation of initiative and results more than rigid processes. The mindset and mentality revolve around change and improvement. Hoff also believes this is crucial for addressing challenges the industry has faced.

"This is a forward-thinking industry, but we are entirely dependent on starting with a basis in biology. We cannot live with high mortality rates in fish, and I believe society has also understood that the value of producing food in a sustainable way is absolutely necessary."

Cflow's technology for handling live fish is now approved as part of Norway's solutions promoting sustainable development through Innovation Norway's initiative, "The Explorer." This is related to the company's efforts to ensure good fish welfare, better utilization of biomass resources, and increased biosecurity. Cflow has been logging vital processes onboard wellboats for over a decade. Such historical data is used in the development of new and improved solutions. Biologists have been part of the company for many years.

"By crossing various fields of expertise, we reduce risk in the project - and for the customer. My claim is that the best solution is always the next one. The experiences we gain and the interaction with customers enable us to develop better and better solutions where fish welfare, environmental considerations, and energy efficiency are central."

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Gunnar er en av grunderene av Cflow, og har mer enn 30 års erfaring i bransjen.

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