Cflow and Andfjord Salmon enter into strategic partnership

Cflow has entered into a strategic partnership with Andfjord Salmon for the further development of the pioneering land-based fish farm at Kvalnes, Andøya.

High-quality salmon in large volumes will be cultivated at the new land-based facility on Andøya.

Land-based Aquaculture

Combines expertise in land-based farming and technology

Andfjord Salmon is known for its innovative land-based farming project at Kvalnes, which combines sustainable farming with the unique benefits of land-based production. The company's first production cycle, which is ongoing, can demonstrate excellent biological conditions, good fish welfare and health, strong growth, and industry-leading survival rates for the salmon.

In the pilot phase, around 700 tonnes of salmon are planned to be slaughtered in the transition between June and July. In the next phase of construction, the goal is to produce approximately 19,000 tons of salmon per year, and with expansion to two new sites on Andøya, the goal is to achieve a total production volume of 90,000 tons per year.

Strategic partnership for controlled and predictable production processes

“Through this partnership, we combine our expertise and experience in land-based farming with Cflow's technology to enable safe and sustainable production processes for live fish,” says Martin Rasmussen of Andfjord Salmon. “Technology plays a crucial role in the development of modern farming. The ability to control factors that affect fish welfare and the environment leads to optimized operational processes, energy conservation and predictable production.”

Gunnar Hoff, CMO of Cflow, elaborates: “This partnership provides Cflow with an opportunity to use our expertise and solution portfolio to contribute to important advances in land-based farming. Land-based farming provides benefits by enabling full control and monitoring of all factors affecting fish welfare, biosafety and by-product management. By collecting historical data, performing thorough analyses and leveraging interdisciplinary expertise, we can ensure safe project execution and predictable production processes.”

Joint efforts for a responsible, efficient and environmentally friendly farming industry

Cflow and Andfjord Salmon are two leading companies that set the standard for the future of aquaculture. Their joint efforts for control, sustainability and biological security will help shape a responsible, efficient and environmentally friendly farming industry. Through the combination of technology, experience and expertise, this collaboration lays the foundation for the safe and sustainable production of live fish.

About Andfjord Salmon:

At Kvalnes, Andøya in Vesterålen, Andfjord Salmon has developed an innovative and sustainable concept for Atlantic salmon farming, based on flow-through technology. The company's ambition is to build the world's most sustainable fish farm of its kind. Andfjord Salmon is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo with the ticker ANDF.

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