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The world’s biggest wellboat – a prestige project

The innovative wellboat Gåsø Høvding is finally ready and has left Sefine Shipyard, Turkey, heading for Norway.

When such a large and prestigious project is finalized, there are many emotions involved for all of us who have participated: A sense of relief to see the finnish line, joy, and pride, but also a touch of sadness to be closing such an important and instructive project. Still, the most prominent emotion is the expectation, as we are putting this advanced ship into operation.


Foto: Cflow

Cflow’s largest and most advanced delivery

The result is one of the world’s most advanced wellboats. The vessel is specked with the latest within fish handling technology, including amongst other things, systems for gentle loading and unloading, biomass calculation, and combined sorting and water separation. There are also 12 liners of Hydrolicer delousing system, reverse osmosis, and advanced water technology treatment. Automatic cleaning and disinfection are included as well. In addition, the Cflow control and management system complies and presents data from various sources. With its three wells, which together adds up 7500 m3, and a capacity of 1000 tons per hour, this will be a very efficient operational vessel.


The standard and quality in this project have been raised higher than ever, which has demanded high competence and great effort from everyone (alle hold). More than a thousand hours have been put in the work of the automation system alone. This is Cflow`s most extensive delivery ever.


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- An important resource for the industry

High efficiency will not affect the fish welfare, rather the opposite. Operations can be completed faster and the fish will be put through less stress. The entire vessel is developed with the fish in mind, making it a tool/resource that is 100 % adapted to the work intended.

The Responsible biologist in this project, Maiken Svinøy, says:

«We have had many processes, especially regarding optimizing the system with respect to fish welfare and hygiene. I am looking forward to seeing the ideas from drawings realized in a vessel in action. I am convinced that Høvding will be an important resource for the industry going forward.»

- Maiken Svinøy, Biolog i Cflow


Enormous willingness to cooperate

The cooperation between the parties has been impeccable, as many bright heads has contributed with their unique knowledge. High level of competence and a strong desire to find the best solutions has predominantly played a big role for the result. Project manager, Thomas Storhaug points out Frøy’s dedication:

«Frøy has asked good and essential questions, established high demands throughout the process, and taken the right decisions to get the result at the wanted level.»

- Thomas Storhaug, Biolog i Cflow


Photo: Cflow

- We appreciate the confidence placed in us

Project manager, Thomas Storhaug, is looking forward to seeing the wellboat in operation: - It will be exciting to get feedback and numbers that shows what Høvding can achieve when it comes to fish handling and fish welfare.

We wish to thank Frøy and Sefine Shipyard for the cooperation and for the confidence placed in us. It has been a great pleasure to cooperate with you in this project. Together we have been an essential part of the wellboat industry's future.


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