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Gentle fish handling on board Sunny Lady

— Cflow's control system contributes to more efficient operations on board the hyper modern fishing vessel

One of Norway's largest and most modern fishing vessels has been handed over to the  ship owner Teige Group. Sunny Lady has been designed by Salt Ship Design, and built at Cemre Shipyard in Turkey. The vessel has, in addition to being a fishing vessel, been adapted for missions within research and offshore operations.



A complete ecosystem for handling fish on board

Cflow's fish handling system has been designed to make the operators' everyday life clearer, simpler, and more efficient.

The on-board handling and storage of fish is monitored by our own control system.


The system has a variety of benefits:
  • It can be upgraded without being taken out of service thanks to remote assistance and online-updates
  • All updates are visible to all clients simultaneously
  • The system handles large quantities of data, and logs important parameters like temperature, level, flow pressure, and more
  • Module adaptations are available
  • Integration with other system, like the boat's alarm system, RSW, and ozone installation

We have also equipped the vessel with a full-scale tank cleaning system which includes soaping and individual zone control.


Maintaining quality

Cflow's project manager, Rune Kristiansen, is very satisfied with the project: — The collaboration with the ship owner and shipyard has been good from start to finish. This has contributed to a comprehensive system that ensures effective operations and preserving the best quality of the fish through careful handling and surveillance.

Among other things, Cflow has delivered a customized de-water unit for loading fish, as well as a compressor system for unloading with vacuum and pressure. It also has an RSW facility with different systems including control, ozone, and a pump system for water circulation, as well as light and cleansing nozzles for the fish tanks. In addition to this, it has a specifically customized control system that can be practically managed through a screen.


More than a fishing vessel

The new vessel can be operated all year, thanks to the all-round design and the reinforcement against ice. It will be available for service within research and offshore assignments outside of fishing season and has additionally been certified as a freighter .

In the development of Sunny Lady, the environment has clearly been a main focus. Therefore, it is equipped with combined diesel, LNG and battery progress. The selection of fuel should reduce the NOx emissions equivalent to 50 000 cars. 

All of us in Cflow are proud to have been part of the development of this modern and innovative vessel and thank you for the trust we've been shown during the process!


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