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The future solutions for live fish


Cflow Fish Handling develops, designs and produces complete handling systems for the fisheries-, and aquaculture industry.

With 20 years of experience, and as a world leading supplier of systems for live-fish handling, Cflow works for maximising the potential of the recourses we collect from the ocean.

For us the most important thing is that our equipment and technology is developed on the the basic principals of biology.

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Our values are a promise to you as a customer

The three C's lay the foundation for our daily operations and the development of new products and solutions.

We will always give our customers predictability, a high standard of fish welfare and contribute to a sustainable development in the wild catch and aquaculture industry.


Controlled  // Careful  // Clean 

Cflow Live-fish cycle-hjul_red - CONTROLLED


Our products and systems measure and control every needed parameter in order to ensure a safe and secured operation.

We will use the newest technology supporting you in delivering superior quality and protect your values.

Cflow Live-fish cycle-hjul_red - CAREFUL


Our system will bring the highest level of fish welfare, taking care of the individual in the most careful way possible.

We are proud of our standards and our effort to bring fish welfare on the agenda.

Cflow Live-fish cycle-hjul_red - CLEAN


We will do our outmost to contribute to a cleaner environment, creating sustainable solutions and contribute to achieve a better future for all.

Expertise in live-fish handling


Through more than 30 years of experience we have developed expertise in handling of live-fish. To handle large amounts of fish in an efficient and gentle way, the systems must be accurate and well arranged with high level of stability. Our engineers and biologists work close together to find the best solutions.

Cflow’s own management and control systems keep track of the fish, its health and its value at ever stage of the process. Our automation engineers works continously with the development of the system to ensure traceability , process optimalization and complete monitoring of the fish.

In addition to fish handling, Cflow also have a broad competence in water quality and water treatment.

Cflow has facilities with own sea water intake and water treatment system, and license for cultivating echinoderms.

The different departments: sales, engineering, automation, mechanical production and logistics are all integrated in the development processes of new solutions.

Foto: Staale Wattø/Strand Rederi

Passion for fish welfare

Fish welfare is central to the work of developing solutions for gentle transport and handling of fish.


Fish welfare in Cflow

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Situated in Langevåg, Trondheim and Puerto Varas


Since the company was founded in 2002, the number of employees has increased significantly, and Cflow has built an interdiciplinary competance that gives us the opportunity to develop and improve solutions at high speed.

In collaboration with our costumers we contribute to drive the aquaculture industry forward, with a goal to develop and implement the future solutions for transport of live fish.

Today we are more than 100 employees, located in our main office in Langevåg, together with our two branch offices, in Trondheim and Puerto Varas in Chile.

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