The future factory trawler Ecofive - Cflow is on board

Cflow is delivering a handling and monitoring system for live fish to Bluewild's new factory trawler. The system aims to ensure environmentally friendly, gentle, and efficient capture, a safer working environment, and increased quota and resource utilization.

Cflow is delivering a handling and monitoring system for live fish to Bluewild's new factory trawler

Wild Catch

In collaboration with the designer Ulstein Design & Solutions, the shipyard Westcon, Cflow, and several other Norwegian technology and equipment suppliers, the Ålesund-based fishing company has developed the Ecofive concept – an Eco-friendly fishing vessel – designed to contribute to more sustainable fishing.

Cflow's fish handling system includes loading, unloading, and segregation, as well as monitoring water quality using cameras and lights.

Extensive experience with live fish handling in wellboats

"We monitor and control water quality in the recovery tanks using circulation systems, oxygenation, sensors, and cameras. Cflow has previously undertaken a pilot project with Bluewild, and now we have jointly developed a more mature system. Our extensive experience in live fish handling in wellboats has been the foundation, and in close collaboration with the shipowner and designer, we have created an innovative and forward-looking fish handling system for the fishing industry," says Gunnar Hoff, CMO at Cflow.

Illustration of the Ecofive vessel by Ulstein Design

"Fish spa" – reduces stress and provides recovery for fish

Emphasis has been placed on good fish welfare and high quality standards. The handling system, designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions, guides the fish into reception tanks below the waterline. Since the fish are transported alive through water-filled pipes to water-filled reception tanks, this reduces crush injuries and minimizes stress for the fish. A stay in the reception tanks, or the "fish spa" as we have chosen to call it, is intended to provide good recovery and thus optimal conditions for further processing and quality of the end product.

"The handling is so gentle that the fish swim from the trawl net into the spa. Here, the fish calm down in an environment of fresh and oxygen-rich seawater," says Cflow biologist Annalin Fasting.

Control and monitoring of fish

An essential aspect of ensuring fish welfare is controlled processes. Cflow has its control systems with various modes that are integrated and controlled from the bridge, and monitoring also takes place here – where, for example, one can focus on one or more fish, estimate size, and, most importantly, identify species. The monitoring system also provides historical data, allowing a review of past operations. This contributes to good control and reduces the chance of human errors.

"We greatly appreciate the trust Bluewild has shown us in this project. In Cflow, we have been able to leverage our experience in live fish handling, and together we have developed solutions that prioritize fish welfare in the fishing industry," says Hoff.

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