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This is how we will deal with the challenges meeting the industry in 2020

Welcoming in the New Year provides a respite to reflect over the past year, and the challenges faced by the industry during that year. The transition to 2020 also provides an opportunity to take a peek into the near future, to consider how the industry will develop in the coming year.

Cflow_Akvakultur_VP20665-Vasco-Pinhol_1200x800pxPhoto: Vasco Pinhol

Enhanced utilisation of the resources

Algae blooms, disease and escapes are often mentioned by Norwegian participants as having been the foremost challenges in 2019, and many anticipate positive progress this year. Without a doubt, top priority must be dedicated to the fish, with the focus firmly on fish health and welfare when developing new technology and solutions. This applies equally to the fisheries and aquaculture industries.   

Cflow has long been a supplier of complete fish handling systems, and we are constantly striving to improve the quality of fish welfare in our deliveries. For instance, a gentler method of lice treatment leads to reduced mortalities, and an increased efficiency in water treatment on board provides a better environment for the fish during transport. Including fish welfare in the development of the solutions results in several positive effects. Most importantly, the fish can be afforded a good life through reducing the risk for injury and disease. If this is minimised, it enables greater utilisation of the resources that have been employed, with subsequent enhanced quality of raw materials supplied for value-added processing. 


Developing technology on the biology's premises

It is impossible to avoid the topic of sustainability. Capturing or holding an animal captive involves a responsibility. Not only must the fish be ensured a good life, but the environment and shared natural resources must also be safeguarded. It is therefore vital that all participants in the industry, including equipment suppliers, come on board and work to maximise the potential of the resources employed and produced. For our part, we will work to achieve improved utilisation of marine raw materials and the marine fatty acids gained from commercial fishing and fish farming. 

Whether 2020 will be a year with fewer outbreaks of disease and escapes still remains to be seen. What we do know, is that the focus on the fishes' health and wellbeing will be paramount this year. We must develop technology solely on biology's premises, and create a sustainable industry. We at Cflow will do our utmost to ensure that the fish receive the best possible conditions whilst in our equipment and care, and we will continue further development of our solutions in 2020.


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