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Cflow as workplace - Innovative development and good opportunities

Posted on Jan 23, 2020 8:43:58 AM by Hilde Hurlen in Nyheter / News, in Cflow, in Automasjon / Automation

Cflow is constantly expanding and we pride ourselves in being able to attract skilled professionals from a range of educational backgrounds. Together we can develop and provide the best solutions for fish handling and aquaculture. This promises well for the future of the industry. Improved solutions and new ways of cultivating the ocean will result in a positive ripple effect for the environment and for sustainable operations, whilst a focus on the health and welfare of the fish throughout their life cycle is imperative for profitability and the quality of the product.

Photo: Hilde Hurlen

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How technology can contribute to increased fish welfare and quality

Posted on Nov 20, 2019 10:44:15 AM by Lars Harald Båtnes in Nyheter / News, in Cflow, in Biologi / biology, in Automasjon / Automation

The aquaculture industry in Norway is one of the country’s most important industries. Every year great values are drawn from the ocean around the nation’s coastline, satisfying hungry people across the world. An increase in population, resulting in an increased demand for food globally, makes this industry even more important in the years to come.

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