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New Product: Cflow Portable Processing Factory

Cflow Compact Processing Factory

Cflow acknowledges the aquaculture industry's need to reduce loss and better exploitation of its resources. Therefore, Cflow has developed a compact and mobile processing factory, which is designed with hygiene, food safety and fish welfare in mind.

What is a Portable Processing Factory?

Cflow's Portable Processing Factory is a fully operational processing factory which can be placed in a container. Inputs and outputs are placed outside the container. Due to its small size and mobility, the process factory can easily be moved and installed between suitable vessels or units.

Benefits and value 

With this factory you have an efficient, small and flexible slaughter solution to avoid handling and transport of vulnerable fish. This increases fish welfare and enables you exploit more recourses to your high-quality products.

It will also reduce waiting time related to transport for slaughtering and improve efficiency in the industry.

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Gunnar Hoff

CMO / Sales Manager Wellboat


Mobile: +47 979 84 006 or email gunnar.hoff(a)cflow.no


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