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Knowledge, dedication and ability to see solutions – how Cflow came into position to drive the aquaculture industry forward

The local industrial company Cflow in Langevåg is working to create ever better solutions for products and services in the field of fish handling. The focus is always on fish welfare and the environment. We can therefore say that innovative, knowledgeable managers and employees of the company are shaping the aquaculture industry and driving it forward. At the same time, they make working life better for end users all over the world. Operations are streamlined and more sustainable. Some unconventional choices, great courage and ability to see solutions proved to be success factors for the mechanical industrial company that started in 2002. During these years, Cflow has gone from about ten employees to almost one hundred.

Cflow_Anlegget-fra-arkivet_1200x800px_optFrom the archive: The Cflow facility under construction

Educational development and great growth

It was Gunnar Hoff, Øystein Molnes and Magnar Hagen who started Cflow in 2002. Not long after, they were about ten employees who together started to build the company.

- The development in Cflow has been good and educational, says Torfinn Rønning, who has been with the company since its inception. - We built up the customer base by building stone upon stone. We developed the products in line with the customers' wishes and needs.

- The unique thing about Cflow is the knowledge we have, says Gunnar Hoff. - We have been in the industry for a long time, and we have always worked with fish. With such a background and understanding, we can develop new products and services based on the demand that exists in the market. We have knowledge of fish handling and we are experts in our systems. We are with the customer right from the planning phase up to the handover and start-up of facilities where we train the crew.


Foto: Hilde Hurlen - Torfinn Rønning

The name Cflow

- The name Cflow comes from the fact that everything we do has to do with "flow", Hoff says. - The C is for "sea". In this way we got a whole new word. The fact that we chose a bright red logo in our industry was an unconventional, but entirely conscious decision, he continues. - We wanted our logo to be visible on a boat out at sea from a long-distance.

– Our values are described by the 5 Cs: Controlled, Continuous, Chilled, Careful and Clean. Each C helps to increase the value of the fish.


Product development and tailoring

Cflow largely provides tailor-made systems for the various projects. Based on the end customer's wishes and needs, the solutions are customized for each project.

- No matter which ship's consultants are involved, Cflow is in the early stages of planning, says Tor-Andre Rønning, a senior technical engineer who has been with Cflow since its inception. - We emphasize innovation and tailoring in all our deliveries.

Technological developments have a major impact on product development. Cflow's cloud-based monitoring log Cflow Synergy Log has put the company in a unique position internationally. It is of great value for the customer to be able to monitor and log, among other things, water quality, equipment operating time and the positions of the valves. In this way, service needs can also be mapped and troubleshooting performed.

- Customers also appreciate that we offer system integration, which allows us to integrate other necessary systems into our systems and platforms," says Tor-Andre Rønning. - These can be systems for everything that has to do with fish welfare, including delousing systems, washing and medication systems.


Foto: Hilde Hurlen - Egil Lervåg og Tor-André Rønning


Innovative in the market

- For us at Cflow, the fish is at the centre, says Egil Lervåg, who works on setting up systems, conducting services and training of crew. - We are constantly looking for new solutions. Our products are intended to make operations more efficient, while also being as gentle as possible for the fish. In order to safeguard the fish's health and quality, Cflow has employed its own biologists, which is often seen as innovative in our industry. We see this as a great value for the company, as their knowledge gives very positive ripple effects for the overall picture and an expanded understanding of production.

- As a result of new requirements from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, it is an advantage for Cflow that we have interdisciplinary expertise in the company. This allows us to quickly develop new systems, says Lervåg.

- Our knowledge should always provide security for the customer, says Gunnar Hoff.


Having faith

- At Cflow, we have gone from handling small wellboats and fishing boats with simple systems to developing our own designs and solutions with, on the scale, extremely complex top-class system, says Gunnar Hoff. - We are proud that Cflow's advanced equipment stands out in the industry and that we can contribute to driving a sustainable aquaculture industry going forward, he adds. It is fun to create something new and to set the standard for the industry.

- It is important to have faith in what we do, Hoff states. - Cflow is a future-oriented and innovative company, and we are proud that we have dared to invest and that we have gone beyond the traditional framework.

- We are also pleased to be able to help make Norwegian fishing technology attractive with regard to exciting job opportunities in a future-oriented workplace, concludes Gunnar Hoff.



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