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Cflow - Part of Norway's national team for providers of green solutions

Cflow’s live-fish technology is endorsed as part of Norway’s solutions to promote sustainable development. 

The Explorer is a digital market place created by Innovation Norway with the ambition to promote sustainable solutions from Norway. As a country, Norway wants to take an active role in helping the world to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through The Explorer, companies from around the world can find innovative and green solutions which can solve challenges they face today, and that will contribute to a more sustainable development of their business.


Can give a boost to the market reach

We are happy to see Cflow’s live-fish technology gets endorsed as part of Norway’s solutions to promote sustainable development. Cflow is continuously working to develop technology that secures good fish welfare, better resource utilization of biomass and improved bio security. Exposure through The Explorer can help increase the market reach of our technology within the global marine industry.


Read about Cflows solution on The Explorer.

Cflow's valve concept FLOWLINE is also presented on The Explorer.


You can read more about the work of The Explorer here.



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