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Cflow selected to supply processing equipment to the new harvest vessel “Aqua Merdø”


The finishing touches are currently being added to DESS Aquaculture Shipping’s custom-designed harvest vessel “Aqua Merdø”. The vessel has been built by the Kleven shipyard Myklebust Verft. Cflow has delivered a complete fish processing equipment package that includes a fish pump system, water treatment, purification plant, RSW, CCTV, counting & sorting system and Cflow’s control system; Cflow Synergy Log.

The vessel is one of only a few in the world designed and constructed for the same specific purpose. Fish are taken on board and bled before being stored in RSW tanks. These are then transported as round, ungutted fish to the factory for further processing. The vessel is designed to process and transport over 400 tonnes of fish, and is equipped with "stun & bleed" processing plant, capable of processing 100 tonnes of fish hourly.

 Here the focus has been firmly on providing technology and solutions that ensure fish welfare, infection prevention, hygiene, environmental considerations, and quality throughout of the highest standard. The vessel is also designed to utilise onshore power supply (OPS) during unloading and cleaning operations.

AQUA MERDØ fact sheet:


 Length: 59.20 m

Width: 13.60 m

Depth: 5.90 m

Net tonnage: 583T

Main engine: CAT C280-6 – 1900 kW

Speed cargo/ballast: 12.5/14 knots

Cabin capacity: 11 persons



 RSW (6 tanks); 600 m³

Blood water treatment plant; 125 m³

Cargo capacity; 400 tonnes fish

Fuel: 160 m³

Fresh water: 30 m³

Ballast water: 420 m³

Bow and Stern thrusters: Brunvoll 2 x 400 kW

RSW cooling system: 2 x 200 kW

"Stun & Bleed" (24 channels); 20 000 fish/hour






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