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Biological quality in deliveries

2020 has been a different and challenging year. Many of us, including Cflow, have a new workday with home-office and digital meetings with customers and colleagues. Cflow’s coworkers have shown excellent adaptability to change and has found new solutions to maintain an interdisciplinary collaboration. Such a demanding year, makes us both humble and grateful for, not only be able to keep our bright heads, but also the ability to onboard even more skillful people to our team.

Department for fish welfare and biosecurity

In 2020 Cflow also went from two to four employees who work with biology full-time, leading to establishing an own department for fish welfare and biosecurity. The biologists have different responsibilities within their selected disciplines and work continuously to increase their knowledge. As a result, one of our biologists is starting her Ph.D. within the field of water quality in 2021, which Cflow is very proud of.

Cflow_Biologists 3_Hilde Hurlen_web 1200x800

Maiken Svinøy (t.l.) and Annalin Fasting are Cflow's newest members of our biology team. Photo: Hilde Hurlen for Cflow

During 2020 one of our focus areas was “Biological quality in deliveries”. It has been put a lot of work into making procedures and standards to secure that fish-welfare and biosecurity are managed correctly in all Cflows deliveries. Among other things, we have included a “Responsible biologist” role as a member of the project team. A biologist will follow the project from start to delivery and secure that, for example, laws and regulations are fulfilled, fish handling system and equipment are designed to ensure fish welfare and hygiene.


We continue to advance our competence

Cflow also had a record high R&D activity in 2020, where several of the projects had public financial support. For example, we have projects on low trophic species (sea cucumber), land-based aquaculture, documentation of fish welfare in equipment and systems and water treatment.

In 2021 the work with making Cflow even better on fish welfare will proceed. The process to increase Cflows competence continues while at the same time assisting our customers during projects and the development of new systems. We continue to advance our area of discipline, through both practical experience, courses and new R&D projects.


Frida Thyri Segafredo (t.l.) and Birgitte Refsnes were Cflow's first biologists and has been with us since 2017. Foto: Cflow


We will be careful not to make predictions to what this year will bring, as we all have experienced how fast it can turn on us. Hopefully the last year has made us better prepared to meet the challenges to come. We are however convinced that 2021 will be an exciting and educational year, both for Cflow and the industry in which we operate.



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