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AQUA SPA – The first out of 6 sister ships is delivered

The first out of six wellboat projects is delivered from Sefine Shipyard to DESS AquacultureShipping. Aqua Spa is the first ship in line and is now ready for operations in Tasmania, Australia. Aqua Maloy will be completed later this fall and the remaining four during 2020.


Sefine Shipyard - at completion of the vessel. Photo: DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS


Aqua Spa and the other sister ships has several new design solutions and is designed to significantly enhance fish welfare, hygiene, quality and environmental aspects. The ships are provided with i.a.:

  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Large sheltered deck area with easy access
  • ISO locks for 6 x 20’’ Containers
  • Waterfall system for offloading
  • Dedicated tanks for cleaner fish
  • Smolt counting system and dedicated smolt loading trunks O2 diffusor hoses for fish pen crowding
  • Special measures to reduce external noise
  • Prepared for different delousing systems

Cflow has provided the following in relation to the Live-fish handling solution:

  • Closed Circulation - 8 x 3000 m3/h
  • CO2 Reactor System - 2 x 2000 m3/h
  • Oxygen Generators - 2 x 2140 l/min @ 93%
  • RSW - 2 x 1750 kW
  • Filtration with Drum Filters + UV - 2 x 6300 m3/h
  • Automatic Cleaning system 
  • Desinfection – Ozone
  • Smolt Counter - 150 000 pcs/h @ 200 gr
  • Control system and system integration


Startup. Photo: Cflow


The vessel's dimensions and capacities:

  • Length o.a.: 84.40 m
  • Breadth moulded 16.00 m
  • Depth moulded 8.30 m
  • FW buffer: 770 m3
  • Net well volume 3500 m3


Sources: Ship Salt Design, DESS Aquaculture Shipping


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