Cflow delivers tailor made fish handling systems for vessels and process plants in the wild catch- and aquaculture industry. Since Cflow was established in 2002 we have delivered solutions for aproximately 60 wellboat projects and 600 fishing vessel projects.

Take a look at some of our recent projects underneath.


Some of Cflows recent projects


Cflow has delivered complete fish handling system for new Havskjer, combined purse seiner/trawler. Read more about this project from ship designer and builder, Karstensens Skipsværft:




Wellboat Aqua Skye

Aqua Skye is the fifth out of six 3500 m3 DESS Aquaculture wellboats that Cflow has delivered fish handling systems for. Read more about the projects here:




Cflow-web_Torland-Tor-On_320x200px_optTorland og Tor-Ön

The two trawlers Torland og Tor-Ön are built at Karstens Skibsværft for the Swedish ship owners Torland Fiske AB and Tor-Ön Fiske AB. Cflow has supplied complete fish handling system with RSW for both vessels. Read more about this project here:



Csaver - Service vessel with compact processing factory 

Csaver is the first vessel with the new concept for service vessels with a compact processing factory, which Cflow has developed together with customer Charvest. Read more about the boat and the concept here:


Cflow-web_Hydro-Patriot_320x200px_optDelousing vessels: Hydro Pioneer and Hydro Patriot

Cflow has delivered fish handling solutions for Smir Group's two delousing vessles; Hydro Pioneer and Hydro Patriot. The latter is aon the largest delousing vessel in the industry. Read more about the vessels here:



Cflow has delivered fish handling system for the new environmentally focused fishing vessel «Atlantic». The shipowner, Atlantc Longliner AS, and ship designer, Skipsteknisk AS, has i.a. used the newest within battery technology to reduce fuel consumption. The vessel is also the very first combined longliner and Danish seiner. Read more about this project here:

Project details from Ship designer Skipsteknisk



Worlds largest wellboat_illustration byMøre Maritime AS & Frøy Rederi ASThe world's biggest wellboat

Norwegian shipowner Frøy Rederi has chosen Cflow to deliver a complete fish handling system to what will become the world’s largest wellboat, Gåsø Høvding. Read more about the project here:

Cflow's press release including illustration video

Article from



Odd-Lundberg_web_1200x800pxNew Odd Lundberg

The new Odd Lundberg is a combined 69,99 meter long, 15,20 meter wide purse seiner/trawler. Cflow has provided fish handling system for the boat. See more details about this project here: 

News article and photos from (NO)

Project details from ship builder Karstensens Skibsværft



Knut-Olav_web-1200px_kred-Knut-Olav-ASKnut Olav

The fishing vessel Knut Olav is equipped for net and Danish seine, and has six fish tanks for containing and transport of live-fish. Cflow has provided fish handling system for the ship. See more information and pictures by following these links:

Boat review from Skipsrevyen (NO)

Photo series from Norges Sildesalgslag



Harvest vessel "Aqua Merdø"AquaMerdø1

Cflow has delivered fish handling system and management system for DESS Aquaculture's harvest vessel "Aqua Merdø". For more details on the boat, follow these links:

Project details and pictures

Boat review, Maritimt Magasin (NO)

Pictures and details, (NO)




Purse seiner Gunnar Langva

Cflow has delivered a complete fish handling solution for the new purse seiner /pelagic trawler, Gunnar Langva. Read more about the boat here:

News article from




Støttfjord/Trondskjær - seiners with hybrid propulsion system

Cflow has delivered fish handling systems for the fishing vessel Støttfjord and its sister ship Trondskjær, including vacuum pump for pelagic and live fish, control system for the RSW circulation system and integrated control system. Read more about the projects here:

Project details from designer Skipskompetanse



Trawler Taits

Cflow has delivered fish handling system for the renowned Scottish shipowner Klondyke Fishing Company. Read about the project here:

News article World Fishing & Aquaculture

Project details from ship yard Westcon



Lady-Anne-Marie_web-1200pxWellboat Lady Anne Marie

The wellboat Lady Anne Marie is equipped with a complete live-fish handling system from Cflow. Here are two boat reviews with more details (only in Norwegian):

Boat review from (NO)

Boat review from (NO)



Cermaq-Steigen-slakteri-600pxCermaq Steigen processing factory

Cflow has delivered vacuum pump system for live-fish to Cermaq's processing factory in Steigen. The new factory is mentioned to be Norway's most modern and efficient processing factory for salmon, and is facilitated for full digitalization. Read more about the project here:

Cermaq press release

News article from

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