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Systems for live-fish handling

We know that shipowners and breeders invest large amounts in vessels, facilities and equipment to ensure the efficiency and reliability of their operations:

  • Shipowners have planned the fishing season for a long time and are dependent on equipment working flawlessly when required
  • Breeders have used immense resources to achieve maximum growth and fish health

Our customers require systems that can handle large amounts of fish at a high tempo over long distances, with the lowest possible loss. This demands solutions that are well-arranged, accurate and with proven reliability.

Why is the quality of the equipment important?


Many customers choose Cflow because they are determined to have a modern fleet equipped with innovative fish handling systems. They want a supplier who constantly promotes the latest technology and solutions, which can improve the efficiency, reliability and plant availability.

The design should be carefully thought out to provide optimal functionality, cleanliness, ease of use and high operating availability to ensure good reliability without unnecessary downtime, mortality and spread of infection. The quality of the equipment will affect efficiency and continuity of the operations. 

Cflow's solutions are designed to ensure that the welfare of the fish, cleaning, drainage, inspection and control are managed in the best possible way. All solutions must have sufficient quality for the harsh environments at sea, be resistant to corrosion in the salty environment, be reliable and offer a long service life.

There is a direct connection between the quality of the equipment and the quality of the fish as an end product. That is to say, the quality of the equipment directly affects the welfare of the fish.

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How does Cflow work with quality in its solutions?

Cflow works to be a supplier that employs new technology and methods to increase the customer’s efficiency and operating reliability. We do this through collaborating with the authorities and research institutions when we develop new systems.

We have the expertise in-house with technical engineers, automation engineers, industrial mechanics, quality controllers, production coordinators and biologists who work closely to fine-tune all solutions for optimal use.

For Cflow, it's a continual undertaking to be at the forefront of quality so that we can help customers move and handle fish between sea and land and on board, to safeguard the welfare of the fish and the customer’s values in the best possible way.

Most of the components are made in Cflow's facilities in Holsneset, Langevag, by experienced industrial fitters. Our fish handling systems are primarily made of acid-proof, stainless steel (AISI 316L). All materials are treated with extreme care during production to maintain quality.

All surfaces are carefully inspected before delivery, and all welds are polished, brushed or acid-treated to reduce the risk of corrosion. All parts of the fish-feed solution are inspected for damage, abnormalities and deviating angles, both before delivery and after installation.

Parts that are exposed to water collection are equipped with drainage options to prevent bacterial and algal blooms.


Solution examples


For many years, Cflow has developed highly reliable solutions to give our customers high operating availability.

Cflow Automation system & Synergy Log

Cflow uses robust PLS systems and well-known systems for data security and redundancy. Control systems can also be made available for remote support via firewalls and secure connections.

Cflow has also developed an exceptional cloud-based data logging and monitoring system that is used on board the wellboats. The system has been developed by our experienced automation engineers and tailored to the customer’s requirement specifications, demanded use and current standards.

Cflow Synergy Log gives shipowners and breeders improved supervision and control of the transport process, where the welfare of the fish, spread of infection and cleaning can be optimized during transit and documented afterwards.

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Hydroflow Live-fish pump

Cflow has, in collaboration with Hydrolicer Production and PG Flow Solutions developed a new, water-powered fish pump that enhances the welfare of the fish during processing.

The fish are channelled in a straight line through the pump, which has no movable segments. This reduces the time the fish spend in the pump, thus reducing the total processing time.

The Hydroflow Live-fish pump is developed for handling fish averaging 6kg+ in size, and is the gentlest fish pump on the market.

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HEX trommelfilter

Cflow supplies HEX drum filters for use in wellboats, de-lousing barges and processing plants.

This filter increases the uptake of dissolved carbon from the processing water and contributes to maintaining good water quality during the entire transport stage, while reducing discharge of fish pathogens and human pathogens.

By choosing the correct filter solution one is able to improve fish welfare and reduce any spread of infection. 

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Since its inception in 2002, Cflow has provided solutions for around 60 wellboat projects and 600 fishing boat projects.


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