Flowline – increased fish welfare with simplified logistics

The patented Flowline solution is a result of close cooperation with Astorplast AS in Fosnavåg. With help from experts from Norwegian wellboat companies, biologists, and suppliers of cleaning systems we have developed Flowline, a forward-looking concept that will both simplify and improve fish handling.

The design philosophy is based on prioritizing the main functions of the fish handling system. This means reducing bends, valves, lifting height, and piping to a minimum on the more frequently used routes.

As an example, four Flowline 5 valves can do the same job as 16 three-way valves on a wellboat with the same function. This increases the flexibility considerably. Similarly, this valve will also simplify fish handling in land-based fish farms.

See how the Flowline 5-solution works here:
Flowline 5


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