Cflow Synergy Log

Both well-boats and fishing boats are becoming bigger and more complex, while generating ever more data. Onboard process control systems, generators, propulsion and positioning data and external sources such as weather and oceanographic data, can provide context and add clarity.


Cflow Synergy Log interface

Connecting onboard data

Today data sources often exists in different formats, in siloed systems that do not communicate with each other. Through the Cflow Synergy Log the onboard data is made available and useful through a web interface tailored to user needs. In addition the onboard data logger streams industrial data directly to the system, to further add context.


Cflow Synergy Log's attributes and goals:

  • Connect critical data from different sources, internal and external
  • Tailored interface based on user needs.
  • Graphical and intuitive presentation of data, on a cloud platform integration
  • Making reporting uncomplicated and easy to access
  • Continous overview of current status, as well as development over time


By capturing data through the Cflow Synergy Log you will give the onboard data higher value, and at the same time reduce costs and save time. To learn more about this solution, download our product sheet:


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