Cflow Synergy Log

In order to meet increased complexity and requirements for food safety and fish welfare, Cflow has developed its own log tailored for our solutions. The logger stores data from all environmental sensors, valve positions and other equipment as needed. The means Cflow’s solutions satisfy and even exceed the demands set out in legislations, and also provides added value to the user.

Cflow Synergy log

Main componants of Cflow Synergy Log.

This is how the solution works:

Cflow Synergy Log gathers data from all defined metrics and compiles these on a graphical interface with graphs and numbers positioned in the installation or vessel from where they were logged.

The interface can easily be customized to show only the metrics you are interested in monitoring. This gives the operator a continuous overview of the current status, as well as a trend that shows developments over time.

The log data is automatically transferred over the internet to a cloud solution, where the data is stored for up to 5 years (defined by regulations). This means the data is available to all authorised users from any internet-connected PC.

The logger also features a map tool that plots the vessels progress via GPS, as well as showing the latest routes and whether these routes were completed with open or closed bottom valves. The map also shows whether the vessel is moving close to breeder installations, and whether it is located in an area of action.

Through this solution, we promote experience-based learning while improving the operator's control of the system and simplifying documentation.

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