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Today's aquaculture industry is especially concerned with sustainable development, the minimisation of diseases and economic returns. Through its solutions and technology, Cflow has done its utmost to satisfy and cater to industry in these areas.

The development of gentle solutions for pumping, processing, transport and cooling of fish has contributed towards customers attaining the best of their investments in Cflow technology.

We place great emphasis on fish welfare and that the quality of the fresh produce is preserved. Our own biologists, engineers and technicians work closely with our customers to find the best solutions. Good water quality, as well as making sure the fish are cooled at all times are extremely important. Our systems ensure that the risk of bacterial growth is reduced.

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Cflow Portable Processing Facory

Cflow acknowledges the aquaculture industry's need to reduce loss and better exploitation of its resources. Cflow has developed a new compact and mobile processing factory, which is designed with hygiene, food safety and fish welfare in mind.

What is a Portable Processing Factory?

The Portable Processing Factory is a fully operational processing factory which can be placed in a container. Inputs and outputs are placed outside the container. Due to its small size and mobility, the process factory can easily be moved and installed between suitable vessels or units.

Cflow Compact Processing Factory

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Cflow Synergy Log

In order to meet increased complexity and requirements for food safety and fish welfare, Cflow has developed its own log tailored for our solutions; Cflow Synergy log. Here the logger stores data from all environmental sensors, valve positions and other equipment as needed.


We provide solutions for:

  • Wellboats
  • Service boats
  • Processing vessels
  • Delousing
  • Process planst/onshore


See an example of how we work with solutions for wellboats in this 4-page folder.

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Fish Handling Systems for Wellboats - Cflow



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