Tailored solutions for live-fish handling

Systems and Products for Fishing vessels

Wild catch

Systems for handling and storing fish in fishing vessels. Read more


Systems and Products for Aquaculture


Systems for the gentle handling and movement of live fish. Read more


Flowline - New concept

Future solutions for transporting live fish will be secured through the new Flowline concept. Read more

Why do our customers choose Cflow?

Ivareta fiskehelse, velferd og miljøet under håndtering og transport

Gentle handling

Fresh fish is important for the quality of the end product. Cflow has its own R&D department with among others biologists who work to find the best solutions when we develop products and systems for handling and transporting live fish. Read more

God fiskehåndtering gir god lønnsomhet

Total economy is key

Operating reliability and economy are the most important factors when investing in equipment that handles live fish. Our promise is to increase the profitability of our customers in terms of lower losses, better quality and higher price for their raw materials. Read more

Cflow skreddersyr alle løsninger

Customised quality

In order to handle large amounts of fish at a high rate demands customised solutions for each vessel and plant. Systems need to be precisely designed and deliver maximum availability. The quality of systems and components is essential. Read more